WoodScape Acoustic Timber Panels

WoodScape, Como’s Acoustic Timber Panels, are amongst Australia’s finest.

These elegant timber panels, with their high-end range of natural veneers, laminates and other finishes including bespoke, not only look superb but work effectively to control noise. Como’s WoodScape Timber Panels provides limitless design solutions to enhance any project.


Como’s Slot Acoustic Timber Panels come with FAB (Fitted Acoustic Backing) acoustic tissue fitted to the back as standard. An additional acoustic blanket can be also provided if required. Como recommends the use of an acoustic engineer when specifying the acoustic requirements for your project.


All Perforated Acoustic Timber Panels are pre-finished saving time and cost onsite.

Refer to the product Data sheets for further detailed information and speak to your Como Building Products representative today about how we can achieve the best possible result for your project.

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